my 12 week journey through florence

Bianca e Nera

scoprire: to discover, find out, spot, sight, uncover, bare, expose

Date: Wednesday, January 11

Time: 8:47 p.m.

Days in Florence: 4

Days left: 80

I went up to the Piazalle Michelangelo and saw the customary panoramic view of Firenze. I sat on the cold steps and listened to the history of the old city in interrupted Italian while the bee gees blasted from a parked car 5 meters behind.

As the sun set, we strolled back down to the city center along the banks of the Arno and ended the journey traversing the Ponte vecchio gelato in hand.
In honor of this day I have decided to divulge a little Florentine history…in black and white.

  • Things I never new about Firenze: It is responsible for the invention of banks.

  • It was the capital of Italy for 5 years.

  • It was the first European country to free the Jewish community from the ghettos.

  • The synagogue (in it’s blue domed glory) in Firenze was built in the style of Islamic Spain. (because the Jewish community was originally from Spain)

  • Things I knew about Firenze: The Medici’s were so rich and important that they built a secret corridor that connected their palace to all major locations in Firenze and traverses over the ponte vechhio.

  • When they first built the church of  Santa Maria del Fiore, they couldn’t complete the dome of the apse until years later when Brunelleschi postulated a way of Building by studying the principles of classical architecture. (can also be referred to as the birth of Renaissance)

  • There used to be a gigantic wall that surrounded the city up until the unification of Italy. (a piece of the medieval wall still stands but at a lesser height)

  • Firenze was at some point even smaller that it is now, which is saying something.
  • 11 January 2012
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